"All's Fair In Blogs and More!" The 2012 Blogger Book Fair - Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the 2012 Blogger Book Fair: All's Fair In Blogs and More! Hosted by Paranormal Lounge, this event will run from July 26th-July 29th.

20+ blogs and 40+ authors are participating and 70+ books are featured--along with tons of giveaways, freebies, discounts, reviews, interviews, and more--so be sure to swing by Paranormal Lounge for all the related info. 

There are there are also two featured events you won't want to miss:

1) The Tournament of Monsters, hosted by author Wynne Channing:

Today, in Round 2, I'm defending Darth Vader vs. Mankind.

2) The Blogger Book Fair Awards, hosted by Shut Up and Read's Sheri Feikert, in which you can vote for Vaempires in three categories.

Today at Vaempires.com, I'm focusing on Paranormal/Paranormal Romance books. First and foremost, I’d like to introduce you to a talented new writer and her awesome novel that's just been released!

Into You, by Riley J. Ford:

What if you could know exactly what your friends are thinking? High school student Winter Reynolds can, but there’s a catch…

She can only read people’s thoughts when she’s kissing them.

When a member of the track team is murdered, Winter has an opportunity to use her special ability to find the killer. Trouble is, kissing everyone on the track team isn’t such a good idea when you have a new boyfriend. Talk about complications!

Should Winter persevere using her secret power to catch the murderer still in their midst, even if it means risking her relationship with her one true love?

Riley J. Ford:

Riley J. Ford has always been a writer, but she'd read somewhere that you should never write for publication until you've gained a lot of life experience first. She took this advice seriously, especially during her time at UCLA when she attended as many social gatherings as possible while still maintaining an honorable grade point average. She took great pride in her degree until the graduation commencement speaker joked, "I hope all you English majors consider the extremely low-paid but rewarding profession of teaching, as that is all your degree is good for." He was met with an abundance of eye rolling and nervous laughter, most of it from Riley J. Ford who was thinking, "No way in hell."

To her, teaching seemed as boring as listening to Muzak in an orthodontist's office while making bucked-tooth molds. To prove she could do anything with an English degree, she rebelliously went into banking instead. She soon learned the error of her ways, as banking is not the giggle-fest it's portrayed to be, and she ultimately turned to teaching after all. Fortunately, offering instruction to court-ordered convicts during the Los Angeles riots gave Riley J. Ford the excitement and personal adventures she craved. She also learned how important it is to live . . . literally. She was surprised to find she loved teaching, and eventually went on to become an ESL instructor and high school teacher with her very own parking space. A marriage and two kids later, she realized she'd gained more than enough life experience to become an author and dived headfirst into writing Into You, her first work of fiction. She is also the author of the upcoming novel, CARPE DiEMILY, which she guarantees will make you piss your pants laughing, so be sure to wear a diaper. She currently lives in California with her family.

Riley's links:


My Five Star Review of Into You:

In her debut novel, Into You, Riley J Ford takes an interesting premise and turns it into one heckuva good book.

The writing is sharp. The characters are well developed. The story moves along at a crisp pace.

There's a ton of humor in this book: just-plain-funny humor; dark humor; romantic humor; even tragic humor. If Ford was out to showcase how well she can master the subtle nuances between them, she can color me convinced.

But it isn't all fun and games. Sure, there's a murder to solve, but Ford's story really delves into some dark and weighty places along the way that make the murder seem somewhat tame in comparison (at least until the murder is later described). Although readers will be satisfied with the ending, Into You isn't all sunshine and lollipops, with a cute little HEA to top it off.

And kudos to Ford for that. There's no valid reason for YA and/or paranormal romance books to habitually and systematically ignore all of the realities of teenage life except for the angst ... yet it happens far too often.

Into You is a well written, wonderful read that I highly recommend to YA, PNR, and teen mystery fans.

And the fun doesn't stop there. Below are dozens more awesome Paranormal/Paranormal Romance novels. Click each image to be transported to the author's website. 

Finally, I'd like to share what Riley J. Ford had to say about my Vaempires novels--which are free at Smashwords during this Fair! Just use code GY42M for Vaempires: Revolution and code DD74M for Vaempires: White Christmas.

"I am a big fan of dystopian literature. Some of my favorite books of all time are Farenheit 451, Brave New World, 1984, and a Clockwork Orange. One of my favorite filmmakers is Terry Gilliam, of Brazil and Twelve Monkeys. This being said, I am always eager to pick up a dystopian book that promises to be a page turner with an interesting message. However, most of the modern dystopians disappoint, as they strive to be watered-down versions of the greats (and royally failing). That doesn't stop me from trying, however, to find the perfect one. It was with a hopeful heart that I picked up Thomas Winship's dystopian vampire novel, Vaempires: Revolution. This book was recommended to me, and I began reading it with eagerness, hoping to find a dystopian I could immerse myself into. The book started off with a bang, and pulled me right into a war between vampires and vaempires. From then on, it was one page turning adventure after another. This was a fast-moving book, one with haunting images and some violence. However, the violence is an important component to the story and it never bothered me. Being a female with a pretty tough hide, I feel that if violence has a place in the story and is important for moving it forward, it shouldn't be an issue. In fact, the author uses violence and haunting imagery to paint a picture of a world that could very well exist (minus the vampires and vaempires) in the near future, if things continue to go the way they are. I think that's an important point to remember when reading this book. Although it incorporates a lot of imaginary elements (vampires, etc.) there is also an element that rings wholly true-to-life (causing the reader to reflect), which is characteristic of all good dystopian books.

Another aspect of the book that I enjoyed was the strong characterization. The author created a strong female lead in Cassandra, a woman I was happy to identify with and follow on her journey. The strong male lead, Daniel, did not disappoint either. The two of them have interesting story lines both together and apart, and I enjoyed following them as I turned the pages late into the night.

I don't want to give too much away, but I also enjoyed the ending. It came as a surprise, and I love being surprised when reading literature. I'm also a sucker for good cliffhangers, and this book did not disappoint. It made me want to read the sequel, of which I am eager to put in my library after this one.

In short, this was an excellent book and gave me what I have been craving for a long time: a fascinating dystopian read with a unique premise, interesting characters, plenty of nail-biting adventure, and strong messages throughout. Highly recommend."

Unfortunately, Riley hasn't reviewed this yet.  :(

That's all for today, folks! Check out the other Fair Booths (listed below) and be sure to stop by tomorrow, when I feature Horror/Sci-Fi novels.

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