Blog Tour Recap

My first official Blog Tour is over, and what a ride it was! I went into it with the requisite amounts of trepidation and excitement, as the questions swirling in my mind ranged from the absurd (what if you build a blog tour and no one comes?) to the fanciful (how many days will it take to hit the best seller lists?).

More than a month later, I am pleased to announce that not only am I still standing--yeah! yeah! yeah!--but that the tour surpassed my expectations in every possible way. No, I'm not the next Rowling or Meyer, but I wrote a book that total strangers choose to read ... and that dream come true is amazing on so many levels that I still can't quite believe it.   

During the tour, I introduced vaempires to a bunch of new people, made a ton of new friends (I'm guesstimating here, because everyone knows it's rude to ask about a person's weight), and earned many new fans. 

How many? Who the heck knows? Definitely more than I can shake a stick at (a phrase that's stuck in my head, thanks to DaVinciKittie at GraveTells), although probably fewer than the number of people tweeting about the newest celebrity baby bump.

The bottom line is this: we laughed, we cried (not really, but the phrase is somewhat expected here), and we said hello but not goodbye.

And you thought I only wrote prose ...

I owe a tremendous "thank you" to Roxanne Rhoads of Bewitching Book Tours. Roxanne did a masterful job of organizing the tour and keeping a lot of moving parts working smoothly and in sync. It can't be easy keeping track of so many day-to-day details, but Roxanne makes it look that way.

Were there hiccups along the way? Of course--they sometimes happen when I drink too fast (luckily, they don't last long)!

For the stat-hounds--yes, that is an actually term--out there, the tour's final tally was: 

Not bad for a small-town boy. 

Below is the tour's blog roll. Obviously, they alone are responsible for the tour's success, so they've earned a special place in my heart and I will be forever grateful for their contribution and support. As with far too many things in life, they deserve much more than a simple "thank you," yet, at the end of the day (or, in this case, the tour) that is all I can offer.

So, I want to offer my deepest, most sincere "thank you" to:  

My tour is over, but the great efforts of these bloggers continue. Please stop by (often) and show your love and support. I know I will, so I hope to see you there.

Take care,

Thomas Winship

May 3, 2012

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