Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween.  On the day when many believe the world is overrun with demons and ghouls, it's only fitting that the story of vaempires is finally told.

So, what is a vaempire?

The answer, at first, is easy.  In simple terms, a vaempire (pronounced without the "a" as vempire) is a mutated vampire.  Whereas vampires are cold-blooded creatures with a hunger for human blood, vaempires are warm-blooded beings with an insatiable thirst for vampire blood.  They are faster and stronger than the average vampire, in addition to sporting an extra thumb on each hand (which gives them two additional claws to kill with...).

Now, although humans aren't an essential part of a well-balanced vaempire diet, it doesn't mean that they have nothing to fear. You see, vaempires argue that humanity has overstayed its welcome and has been deselected by nature... but let's get back to discussing what a vaempire is. 

So, a vaempire is a mutated vampire.  A super-vampire, if you will.  No one can explain why the mutations occur.  No one can predict who will mutate next.  And no one can say for certain whether this is as bad as the situation will get.  

And this is where things become complicated. 

Because vaempires, you see, are tired of waiting for answers or solutions.  They are tired, they are hungry, and they are - perhaps - just a little bit angry.          

Until now, vaempires have been the silent minority; the faster, stronger, silent minority.  But as Daniel and Cassandra - as well as the majority of the world's population - are about to discover, vaempires are so much more... 

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