Happy Holidays!

Well, it’s the time of year when many of us have holidays to celebrate. And if you don’t have holidays to celebrate, I say let’s celebrate life!

I’m a Christmas guy. Been that way all my life (ha ha). It’s hard to believe another one is upon us, but there’s no denying Father Time. The first order of business is always decorating the house, which is a pretty tall order, and to make it more difficult… we got a late start on it this year. Typically, we begin the weekend after Thanksgiving and are done sometime near the beginning of December. This year, though, we got off to a late start and really had to grind through it. It was my fault, of course. Between working on Væmpires: White Christmas and promoting Væmpires: Revolution, it was hard to find time.

Nevertheless, I am happy to announce the house is done! Here's a few pix of the first floor.

p.s. Check back tomorrow for an early holiday treat!


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