Introducing "Awakening," by Jeanie Grey

Today I want to introduce you to a talented new writer and her tasty vampire tale!

The Book:

Two years ago, Lilly Frank's mother was brutally murdered--and the killer set free. Since then Lilly has worked hard to create a safe and stable life for herself. But she's thrown off balance when she meets Torren Frisk, a handsome stranger whom she finds both irresistible and frightening. As she spends more time with Torren, Lilly's growing attraction to him threatens to unravel her world. Will she discover his secrets before the life she's worked so hard to build comes crashing down on top of her?

The Author:

Jeanie Grey writes romance, erotica and paranormal fiction.



My Review:

Jeanie Grey’s Awakening has all the ingredients for a great romance story: a damaged, yet determined heroine (Lilly); a lover who doesn’t deserve her; a suitor who is either the biggest jacka$$ on the planet or completely misunderstood; and a mysterious stranger who promises to be either her salvation or her destruction.

Lilly’s mother is dead (and I can’t write that without hearing Jon Voight say, “You’re more dead to me than your dead mother.”)—murdered two years earlier by a killer who was set free. As if that isn’t bad enough, Lilly has daddy issues galore. No, she doesn’t cry for him in the middle of romantic interludes—and believe me, with Grey’s penchant for juicy details, we would know!—but he certainly blows a hole in the ‘ol father knows best tenet.

Is it any wonder the poor woman’s frustrated with life? And ripe for change? Well, Lilly’s life is about to get turned upside down in some pretty spectacular ways.

I won’t spoil it by sharing details, but I will say this: Grey’s the real deal. Her writing is crisp, her attention to detail is admirable, and her characters are strong. She packs one helluva wallop into 70+ pages. In fact, there was so much story to explore that I couldn’t help but feel cheated by how quickly Grey blasted through it.

Nevertheless, Awakening serves as a great beginning for what will surely be a longer series. And for the guys out there, Grey also offers a not-so-subtle PSA: Never surprise a woman in the kitchen.

My bet is that Lilly Frank would suggest you stick to the apple pie.

Jeanie provided me a complimentary copy of Awakening in exchange for an honest review. In short, here it is: I highly recommend Awakening to paranormal romance and vampire fans.

Be sure to check out Awakening and let me (and Jeanie) know what you think! 

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