Introducing "How To Kill Yourself" by C.V. Hunt

Today, I want to highlight the latest amazing release by C.V. Hunt!

How To Kill Yourself:

DISCLAIMER: This is not a how to guide. The author is no way responsible for your actions after reading.

Earth, Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. There is only one way to move from any of these worlds to the next…

The Author:

C.V. Hunt lives in North West Ohio. She spends her spare time reading, writing, watching horror films, painting and listening to a variety of music. She enjoys all types of art including: photography, tattoos, paintings, and more.

The Links:

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My Review:

I’m a big fan of C.V. Hunt’s work. Her “Endlessly” trilogy is well crafted and quite enjoyable. Danse Macabre was an awesome story that demanded a novel-length treatment.

How To Kill Yourself blows all of them away. No pun intended. This story is so clever, so creative, and so well done that I can only marvel at Hunt’s talent. I want to be upset with her because she delivered another short story that should’ve been a novel, but I can’t find it in me. I’m just too pleased with the story as is.

Though the masses will certainly take exception to her treatment of the greatest story ever told, I place it alongside Moore’s Lamb as pure creative genius. It’s damned good.

Hunt’s writing grows by leaps and bounds with each release. Where will she go next? I eagerly await the answer to that question.

Be sure to check out How To Kill Yourself and let me (and C.V.) know what you think!

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