Introducing "Immortals and Melodies," by Heather Jensen

Tuesday, I introduced you to a great tale: Blood and Guitars, by Heather Jensen. Today, we look at the second book in her series, Immortals and Melodies!

The Book:

“I found myself wishing for the power and whimsy of fairy tales. If only things were as simple as we’re led to believe as children. I remembered the story of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Both were saved by the power of a kiss, drawn out of their lifeless state to live happily ever after. Desperately, I bent and left a soft kiss on Trey’s lips. It was foolish. I knew that, but even that knowledge couldn’t prepare me for the agony that ripped at my heart when he didn’t respond.” -Aurora

Catalyst frontman Trey is no stranger to chaos, but even the life of a rock star couldn’t prepare him for the consequences of loving a vampire. Trey’s life is in danger; threatened by the very group he must join to stay alive. His struggle to continue his career and release a new album with the band is marred by events that force him to ask a powerful Synod Elder for help.

Aurora has to keep Trey alive until she can make him a vampire, but her own kind will stop at nothing to prevent it. The head of the Emissary is having her followed, and if she can’t figure out who is behind the violent attacks Trey might not make it to the full moon. As Aurora battles her own kind, she’s also plagued by the risk she’s taking by changing Trey. Will her moon-given power be enough to carry Trey through the change, or will he be left floating in the wake of destruction?

The Trailer:

The Author:

I've been an avid reader my entire life. The first author whose work I really felt a connection with was Bruce Coville. I loved Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher so much that my copy is literally falling apart.  (Yes, I still have it, thanks to my Mom.) I'll probably need to invest in a new copy to read to my son. When I was around 16 I discovered Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and In The Forests of the Night. If I hadn't already been fascinated by vampires, this would have done it.

I began writing Blood and Guitars years before Twilight came out. In fact, I was still in high school when I wrote about half of the book. There are a lot of reasons it has taken me this long to get the book finished and out in the world, but I'm grateful that it's come this far.

I live in Southern Utah with my husband and son. I've lived in Utah my entire life, and don't plan on leaving. I grew up in Emery County and still visit there often, but sunny Saint George is more my style.

When I'm not writing or reading I love to travel, play board and card games, decorate cakes, kill zombies on the Xbox 360 with my hubby, play guitar, listen to music, go to concerts and spend time with friends and family.

I have a serious addiction to Oreos and White Knight drinks from Perks. Also, to the Backstreet Boys, and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

My favorite holiday is Halloween. I was almost born on Halloween, but my mom insists she didn't want to have a 'spook' for a child. Her words, not mine.



My Review:

Immortals and Melodies, Heather Jensen’s follow-up to Blood and Guitars, continues the tale of Aurora and Trey—a vampire and a human who risk everything for love.

With the approval to turn Trey into a vampire, Aurora believes the danger to his life is all but over. However, a mysterious opponent continues dogging the lovers' steps, leaving death and damage in his/her wake. Aurora is plagued by questions: is her decision to turn Trey the right decision? Is she strong enough to turn him? Will Trey survive the process? Who can she trust when the people who promise to protect Trey have agendas of their own?

Ultimately, events beyond her control force her hand. The mysterious opponent is closer than she realized. Immediate disaster is averted, but the far-reaching implications may be even worse.

Jensen brings the two-story arc to an effective conclusion, while masterfully setting the stage for the next chapter in Aurora's tale. Immortals and Melodies is another outstanding read that I recommend to YA, NA, and adult paranormal romance fans.

Be sure to check it out and let me (and Heather) know what you think!

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