Introducing "Land of No Mortals," by N.R. Wick

On Monday, I shared my review of N.R. Wick's Land of No Angels. Today, I'm pleased to introduce book two of Wick's "Dark Ascension" series: Land of No Mortals!

The Book:

Seventeen year old Rebecca Ashford and her younger sister Errol have finally found safe refuge at Crown Haven, a witch-led survivor colony. Rebecca should be thrilled by the secure place to live and the human contact after spending a year hiding in their family tornado bunker, but ever since her friend Fox left she’s been plagued by guilt strong enough to mess with her newfound witch powers.

When demons destroy Crown Haven, Rebecca uses her power to locate the only person who may know how to fight back. Instead, she discovers that Fox is in danger. She and Errol must rescue him and enlist his help in their quest to learn what caused the demon apocalypse and find a way to take back their world. As Rebecca struggles with her feelings for Fox and with controlling her power, she fights to stay alive and defy the demonic oppressors to protect the people she loves.

The Author:

N.R. Wick writes fiction for young adults and children. She loves all things magical, fantastical, and supernatural, especially if it's dark. N.R. Wick has her Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and teaches adult education. She currently lives in the Kansas City area with her husband Andrew. Her first book, Land of No Angels, is part of a three book series called the Dark Ascension series, which will be wrapping up by the end of 2012.


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My Review:

In my review of N.R. Wick’s Land of No Angels, the book that kicks off this post-apocalyptic series, I whined like a spoiled five-year-old about my desire for a bit o’ darkness. Well, I can stop kicking and screaming, because Wick delivers quite a bit more than a bit o’ darkness in Land of No Mortals.

Rebecca, Errol, and Fox are back, although saying that they’ve recovered from the events in LONA would be stretching the truth—Rebecca’s struggling with a great many things, Errol is viewing the world through a different lens, and Fox is fighting for his freedom.

Wick begins the book with a high voltage scene that really kicks the story into gear, while establishing the fact that our intrepid heroes may not be as untouchable as we once thought. The death of a high profile character serves to really drive this home.

Heroes aside, I believe Kit is the dark horse of this novel. She’s bad, but not too bad. And the questions surrounding her motivations and actions make her a truly compelling character. I’m pretty sure I know where she’s going to end up when all is said and done … and I hope I’m wrong.

Land of No Mortals, is an awesome installment is Wick’s series. I don’t know where she is in terms of writing book three, but she’d better get moving.

I highly recommend Land of No Mortals to YA, NA, PNR, and paranormal fans.

Be sure to check it out and let me (and N.R.) know what you think!

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