Introducing "Obsidian," by Kayla Curry

Today, I'm pleased to introduce Kayla Curry's new release, Obsidian!

The Novel:

Ava Tanner finds herself in a world without satellite technology in a time of GPS, Smart phones, and Tablets. When she discovers that a corporation headed by vampires with sinister motives is to blame, her world is turned upside-down. After a narrow escape, she learns a mystical secret about herself that could aide her in her fight against the vampires. Unfortunately, the vampires see her either as an asset or a target.

When the world is on the brink of complete social and technological destruction, one must ask themselves: Would I give up my blood for the modern ideal way of life, or will I risk my life and wage war with the overlords of chaos?

The Author:

Kayla Curry lives in North Platte, Nebraska with her husband and two year old son. She is always getting ideas for stories from random thoughts and places, but a lot of inspiration comes from the wide range of people she sees while working front desk at a local hotel.

Writing has been part of her life since the beginning of high school. She was on the school paper for three years until her graduation in 2006. Journalism was an important part of learning who she was as a writer, but ultimately, Kayla’s creativity won over and she decided to write fiction short stories in her free time.

Eventually, a dream came to her and Obsidian was born. A short story grew into a novel in about six months, and is now begging to become a five book series.

There are many important people in her life that have helped shape Kayla into the author she is now. One of them being her mother, who always supported her. Her husband and his family are also an amazing support system along with her friends who got a sneak peek at Obsidian and her siblings who brag about their older sister to their friends.

In her free time, Kayla likes to do arts and crafts and also dabbles in knife throwing. As of late, her son and her writing take up most of her time, as well as preparing for a new addition to her family. She plans to continue writing even with a new baby in the family.


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My Review:

In Obsidian, the first installment of Kayla Curry’s Mystic Stones Series, readers are introduced to a future world that doesn’t look and feel all that different from the present. And just as this familiarity lulls the reader into a false sense of security, Curry unleashes of a series of plot twists and surprises that continue until the end of the novel.

Ava, the main character, has her world turned upside down on so many occasions that it’s a wonder she remains upright. And while I thought she fell in love a bit too easily, I had to remind myself that she’s at an age where love often comes easily.

I’m still not convinced we’ve got the whole story on Tom. Or Jesse, for that matter … although that may be because he stays erect all night without the benefit of Viagra or Cialis. ;o

Joking aside—Curry delivers a tale that is original and innovative. Obsidian is more than a vampire story. There’s magic, mystery, and mythology woven throughout (sorry, no spoilers here), in ways that are unexpected, imaginative, and masterfully executed.

For those tempted by its appealing cover or the presence of vampires, let me assure you: Obsidian is no siren song. Check it out and you won’t be disappointed.

I highly recommend Obsidian to fans of YA, NA, PNR, and vampires. 

Obsidian is the first book in the "Mystic Stones" series! Be sure to check it out and let me (and Kayla) know what you think!

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