My Favorite Christmas Gift

My favorite Christmas gift was this great review of Vaempires: White Christmas - posted on Christmas Day! - by fellow author C.V. Hunt for The LL Book Review.


5 out of 5 stars awarded!

While most Christmas stories warm us with goodwill and peace, Væmpires: White Christmas highlights the turmoil between the races of humans, vampires and the ever defiant væmpires. The second book in the Væmpire series is the prelude to the hostile takeover of the world by the væmpire race.

Christmas is near and all of the race's hierarchies are vacationing together in the Northern Forest for a secret meeting. While the væmpire race does not have a leader - as they are still considered vampires - a councilman, Donrel, which has evolved into a væmpire, has taken it upon himself to crash the holiday.

Donrel appears at the summit with a request to represent the væmpires with accusations that they are being purposely ostracized. There have been rumors that a scientist, which has been working on a form of synthetic vampire blood for the væmpires to consume, is going to make an appearance. Donrel is admitted into the proceedings and the party with the intentions of keeping the peace that seems to be falling apart rapidly.

Cassie is still confused over her breakup with Vielyn after he mutated into a væmpire, although she never had a deep affection for him. Donrel claims that she only broke off her relationship with Vielyn because of his affliction, and the tension tightens.

The book is a great addition to this series and it shows us the growing threat that led to the war in Revolution. It gives us in depths look at the political power struggle leading up to the fallout that we witness in the first book.

But it gives us more than that - Daniel and Cassie. Amongst the bickering of the political forces, we are given Daniel's ever growing affection for Cassie. White Christmas takes us back the first threads of Daniel's love for Cassie as he struggles with how, and whether, to tell her how he feels.

Thomas Winship has me hooked. With every new invention of the vampire there is a great book behind it, and I'm looking to see what Væmpire series has to bring.

Many thanks to C.V. Hunt, Shannon Yarbrough, and everyone at The LL Book Review! 

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