One Man Star Wars Trilogy

I had the pleasure of seeing the “One Man Star Wars Trilogy” at the Midtown Theater last night. In a word, it was amazing. Charles Ross does an amazing job of capturing the original trilogy in a unique way that flirts with genius and will forever remain a testament to his talents and abilities as both a writer and performer.

It was funny. It was insightful. It was sixty-plus minutes of pure enjoyment.

I am a Star Wars geek—no, not a GEEK who can recite the names and roles of every individual in the credits of each movie; just a geek who was swept away back in 1977 and who has yet to return. I watch the movies. I watch the television series. I read everything that comes out in print: novels, comics, short stories… I can’t get enough of the Star Wars story. In fact, I dream of writing a Star Wars story of my own one day. Of course, that is neither here nor there at this moment, as I’m hard at work penning Væmpires stories (not to mention the fact that Lucasfilm already has an entire stable of accomplished authors).

I am eternally grateful to George Lucas for allowing me into his world. Likewise to Timothy Zahn, for breathing life back into it twenty years ago. Today, I’m also grateful to Charles Ross. Thanks for keeping the story alive!

If you have the opportunity to see the “One Man Star Wars Trilogy,” I urge you to do so. Charles is at the Midtown Theater until 12/23.

In January, he begins the “One Man Lord of the Rings.” I’ve already got my tickets.

One Man Star Wars Trilogy

One Man Lord of the Rings


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