The Dark Mind Book Tour and Darkest Sins

Let the games begin!

The Dark Mind Book Tour for Vaempires: Revolution kicks off today in grand fashion--with the unveiling of two trailers.

The first trailer is for the novel, Vaempires: Revolution. The second is for the series, Vaempires: The Evolutionary War

Both trailers were created by Silvia Paoletta of Darkest Sins ... and both trailers display her true genius. Read more about my experiences working with Silvia here and here, and then get your a$$ over to Darkest Sins to check out those amazing trailers!

Please be sure to tell us what you think of the trailers. While there, why not connect with Silvia via the various social media sites and become a member of the extended family?

The tour was set up by Silvia Paoletta for Dark Mind Book Tours.

The next Book Tour destination is:

May 8th, 2012
Understanding Shae's Story
(Review, Giveaway)

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