The Flash Fiction Thrillogy Part 3


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Today, I'm closing out the BBF by presenting my offering in the Flash Fiction Challenge II. It's actually the third part of a Flash Fiction Thrillogy

Part One, "What If? ... Why Not? (A Marvel Heroes / Vaempires Mashup), was presented during Shah Wharton's Minuscule Morsels of Marvel. It featured two of my favorite Marvel characters--the Invisible Woman and Spider-Man--and two of my Vaempires characters.

Part Two, "What If? ... Whatever (A Marvel Zombies / Vaempires Mashup), was presented during Noree Cosper's Monster Menagerie. It featured Wolverine, The Hulk, and two additional Vaempires characters.

What If? ... What Now? (A Vaempires Present / Future Mashup) by Thomas Winship

The third time’s the charm. I had heard it often enough—that or something like it—but it wasn’t until that long summer of ’76 that I actually understood it.

I still don’t know if that was the greatest summer of my life … or the worst.

Still, I guess I should start … certainly not at the beginning, because that’s far too much story to tell, but somewhere before now.

How’s this? My name is Jade. I’m a vampire. I was born into a world where being a vampire was magical.

Daniel says this world was once like that, that there was a time, long ago, when vampires ruled Tarados. He says the world was beautiful, and peaceful, and that it will be that way again.


I don’t know about the future—this future—but I believe Daniel about the past. In fact, I usually believe everything he says. It isn’t about trust, although there’s no one I trust more. It’s that …

You see, I’m a vampire. But I have extra abilities, like some væmpires.

I see things.

I dream things.

And in that summer of ’76—some seventy-plus years after the revolution on this world, after the fall of vampires and the ascension of væmpires … those despicable, vile monsters that enslave and breed and use vampires like chattel—when I was just a teenager in a world I’ll never see again, I changed things.

Perhaps everything.

But that’s for the future to determine. A future I’m no longer part of.

A future I came back from.

Now I’ve jumped too far ahead. Let me back up.

In that summer of ’76, something that started as a tickle progressed to a desire, then an insistent urge, and finally an all-consuming desperation: the feeling that I needed to intervene in … something.

I don’t have time to describe all the details. I’m not sure they matter, anyway. What does matter is that I could intervene. And I did.

My first attempt was rooted in a recurring dream. It was Daniel—so young and carefree—and Princess Cassandra—so beautiful; more beautiful than any images or videos I’ve seen—together on a snowy night. A sense of impending doom was so strong that I wished for the intervention of heroes. I don’t know what happened, but the dream never returned and sometimes, on very rare, special, occasions, Daniel talks about that wondrous night when he first kissed his Princess.

The second time, a month or so later, a disastrous vision involving Linq Mikoi and Ray Jonstrom caused me to call for intervention again. It must have worked, because they became Evolutionary War heroes of as much renown as Daniel.

Weeks later, realizing I couldn’t trust to continued reliance on outside assistance, I bade farewell to family, friends, and my magical life, and sent myself into this past.

I was flying blind. I arrived too late to stop the revolution. I arrived too late for a lot of things. Now, the seeds of hope are withered, nearly dead. But we have Daniel, and each other, and I must believe that the third time is the charm.

I’ve learned there’s no such thing as what if?

There’s only what now?


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