The Look Challenge

So far, I've been tag-teamed by a quartet of rowdy females (paranormal romance fans ... get your minds out of the gutter) in the "Look" Challenge: authors Jen SosniakJessica FortunatoS.M. Boyce, and Christie Rich

The challenge is relatively easy: Locate the first occurrence of the word “look” in your current manuscript and then post the surrounding paragraphs as an excerpt of the book on your blog. Finally, you tag five more blogging authors who you think would be a good choice for the game.

Sounds like fun!

Now, I'm going to cheat a bit here. Hey, I know guys cheat all the time and it's a real bummer ... but it's my blog and I can stray if I want to. LOL.  

Instead of my current manuscript, I'm going to use the MS from my upcoming novel, Vaempire: Zombies Rising. Each chapter is currently being offered during my Bloody Chunks tour, so it just seems to make sense that I'd share it here, too.

Well, lo and behold! The first instance is straight out of Chapter 1:

“Okay, okay,” Linq said, raising his hands in a gesture that Cassandra couldn’t see anyway. An onlooker would’ve found humor in the scene—Linq, the tall, muscle-bound teen with long brown hair pulled into a trademark ponytail and perpetual stubble bristling along a granite jaw, attempting to placate a voice in his ear. “Plug a datapad into the door’s control panel and link it to my wristband.”

Ignoring a sinking feeling in his stomach, Linq pressed the wristband’s power button. He snuck a look around while waiting for the device to awaken, but he needn’t have worried. For two blocks in any direction, including the royal estate behind him, nothing moved. It was eerie.

But not as eerie as Ray’s silence. The teen, usually next to impossible to shut up, had been taciturn ever since spying Vielyn at the royal estate. Even now, while Linq tried to talk Cassandra out of following Daniel back to the killing fields, Ray stood quietly, gazing off into the distance. Tall and lean, with his short blond hair sticking up in dirty spikes that didn’t move in the light breeze, Ray could’ve been posing in an advertisement for a summer activity.

So, there you have it folks. Part one complete. As far as Part two--the five authors I tag are:

  1. Beck Sherman
  2. Wynne Channing
  3. Emma Mills
  4. Robert Zimmermann
  5. Stephen King

Haha! Five of my favorite authors. Do you think any of them will rise to the challenge?

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