The Twelve Days of Christmas - The Fourth Day

On the fourth day of Christmas, the gift I give to you… four non-traditional Christmas tunes. I love Christmas music. My iTunes library has thousands of Christmas songs in it. I have a dedicated Christmas iPod. I like all kinds of holiday songs—from old to new, from country to rock. I’ll blog more about my absolute favorites later in the series, but I want to focus on these specific songs today. These songs never show up on lists of all-time holiday favorites, and you’re not likely to hear them on the radio, either… yet, they are great songs in their own right. Check ‘em out, then let me know what you think:

1. Steel Panther – Sexy Santa


2. Hanoi Rocks – Dead by Xmas



3. 220 Volt - Heavy Christmas

4. King Diamond – No Presents For Christmas



What are your outside-the-box Christmas faves?

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