Whaddya Wanna Know? - Round 1

Today, is the first post of a new series entitled Whaddya Wanna Know?

In this series, I'm going to answer questions posed by readers, fans, bloggers, and other authors ... in an attempt to further expose the inner workings of my deranged mind. 

How do you handle bad reviews?

"Pretty well, I believe: first, I spend thirty minutes or so in shocked silence, desperately trying to convince myself that it’s a mistake; then, once I accept that it isn’t a mistake, I work through a period of intense self-loathing that’s guaranteed to be even more counter-productive than the disbelief was; and finally, I channel all that negative energy into envisioning unique and inventive ways of getting revenge on the reviewer. All in all, it’s pretty standard stuff.

But seriously, I handle bad reviews with two simple strategies: 1) I don’t take anything personally. Every reviewer is entitled to his/her honest opinion. 2) I remain objective while reading them. If an area of potential improvement is identified, it behooves me to explore it."

This question came from an interview at This Is From My Heart. You can read the original post here.

As always, I'm grateful to Janiera and everyone at This Is From My Heart for inviting me to be part of the site. Here are links so you can connect with her:  


Feel free to send any questions you want answered to tom@vaempires.com. I'll do my best to answer them.

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